IWLCA Vendors


Are you looking to be seen? The IWLCA is an organization focused on paving the way for the development of

the women’s game. With membership representing all levels of collegiate women’s lacrosse programming and

nationwide youth attendance, we touch every market. Whether you are a startup company looking for a niche

market, or a global brand looking to elevate your presence, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

With both Regional and National event opportunities, we can help you identify and reach your target market.

Thousands of youth athletes and their families attend our events annually and provide the perfect opportunity to

be seen both digitally and on-site. Your brand partnerships and support are important to our organization, and

we look forward to working with you to help create an experience these athletes will never forget.

Benefits Include:


Data doesn’t lie! Youth events are a fantastic way to turn your budget into hard impressions. Request our deck to find out more!



The IWLCA Tournament Series is an established name in lacrosse. We focus on partnering with strong brands who believe that sports can propel young women to greatness. Working together we can make a positive and lasting impact on generations to come.


With thousands of spectators and participants at each event, a set-up in vendor village is a great way to interact with participants and spectators in your target market.

Contact Anna Hofmann at [email protected] for more information about the sponsorship deck or with any questions!